VPM (Apr 16,1964 / Siyana (UP) , Bulandshahr, India)

Call Of Jesus

Called Jesus, from deep of His heart
With tears of affection in His compassionate eyes
With trembling loving touch of His fingers
‘You all are my lovely lambs,
You all are the parts of my soul
You all are the owners of my heavenly garden'
‘So, why you fight?
Why you kill?
Why you slay?
Why you play
A game foul? '
‘You can save your soul
Which has been separated
From the Almighty's whole

Loving every creature
Pitying every suffering soul
Must be your goal
Helping the decaying lives
Must be your single role'
‘Creation is His ambition
Saving it from devil
Preserving it from ill will
Must be your obligation'
‘How can you forget?
How can you cause a threat?
To His lovely creation

Every wound of mine
From this cruise of ingratitude
And selfish attitude
Shedding tears of blood
But the dry desert
Of your merciless heart
Is soaking every drop of my love
Without sprouting
Any loving X-Mas

This painful shedding
Of the blood of my crying pain
Will not stop
Unless you give the ointment
Of your faithful hope
That you,
All my loving sons
Won't step to be
The agents of this massacre
And be for the humanity
A preserver
For my sake forever'

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A beautiful and loving response to the message of love of Holy Jesus Christ.....................10
A great poem with a universal message of love and peace..................10