MDH (1991-? ? ? / illinois)

Call Of The Wild

This is a poem based on the book: Call Of The wild, written by Jack London. It is a real good book, and it inspired me to write this

Raised up a simple dog,
I passed from hands to hands.
And learned the law of club and fang,
It’s the law that life demands.

I ran along-side Huskies
and walked on frozen land.
In search of yellow metal,
That calls up mortal man.

I found my master murdered
Face down in the creek
And now I live in the wild
A place so full of peace…

I lay next to the nature
And listen to the sounds
I watch the Living food
that is moving all around

I hear the call, that echoes
Which stops me in my tracks
It’s a tantalizing music
To which I can not turn my back

I sense the pride within me
It’s yearning to break free.
I can hold back no longer
It’s time for me to leave.

I leap into a fury
And race into the wild
Running to my hearts content
Greedy like a child.

I don’t know I’m running,
But my instincts tell me to.
The call is so demanding
Like fish drawn to the blue.

Everything I ever need
Is here within this place,
Every meat I’d ever want,
And water is replaced.

I stand up high on mighty cliff
And howl to all that hear
So they will know that I’m alive
I rule this place here.

It’s the call of the wild
And the blood in my veins
That pushes me on forward
Throughout the endless rains

I am master of this place
And ruler of the land
I need not be wolf
Becouse I am who I am

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Comments (2)

Oh my gosh. I can tell you will go far. I've read the book and this sums it up in graceful poetry. It's so beautiful. Keep writing no matter what people tell you. I'm serious! ! The world needs your poetry.
Oh Man, This is great. Poems about the wild are among my favorite. You've penned an excellent poem here, the rhyme, the flow, everything, it's great. -10-Thanks My best regards Richard