MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Call That ****ing Poetry?

As one of the wrinkly-crumblies
-W.A.S.P. without the sting -
it puzzles me: in poetry,
does one good **** really deserve another?
fifty years ago - fifty, for ****'s sake -
when I was an army cadet
some squaddies used it every other word
-and since we were in Signals,
it ****ing delayed ****ing battle-orders ****ing long enough
to ****ing mow down a ****ing platoon...

and longer in ****ing Morse... - - -...
and as for ****ing semaphore...makes your ****ing arms flag...

my liberal friends
who never admit to shock
say 'it shows a.... lack of imagination';
now that's ****ing serious in ****ing poets.

outside the ****ing English-spitting world
it must seem ****ing strange
that the most-loved ****ing bodily action
is used as a ****ing swear-word -
what have you ****ers got against ****ing?
or is it a term of ****ing praise maybe?

and why still a shock-word
amongst you young lot
who get a lot more ****ing ****ing than we ever did? Dammit.

is it still heard
as ****ing onomatopoeic?
which makes it pretty near to ****ing S&M I'd say?

could you****ers (whom I love for your interest in poetry
I have to say)
give me, as a reasonable ****er,
a ****ing explanation?
it would be ****ing useful

And who the **** is this
'American realist' poet Charles F***offski
whom you admire so much, anyway?

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Comments (7)

Yes! You are right. Poets do need imagination. You certainly showed you definately have it in this poem! Interesting to read and good questions pointed out. A very creative piece of art. :) DC
That was ****ing brilliant, how the ***k did you think of that. Thanks for the good read and ****ing escapism. Steve
Thanks for cleansing the cobwebs from my f***ing mind, , , and allowing me some insight into what the f**k...this f***ing word really means. Forever, f***ingly grateful, JBE!
I like this... But I also Like Bukowski..... Its about context I suppose... Poetry... Sometimes a reflection of real life? Great write! Roger.
I'm not sure if you were trying to capture this. But by overusing 'the word' you effectively render it meaningless and reduce its power. From reading the poem I do think you did that deliberately. The frequency of its usage in society does beg the question 'Why are we still shocked by it? '. Good job.
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