Call To Arms

Only you, O Iranian woman, have remained
In bonds of wretchedness, misfortune, and cruelty;
If you want these bonds broken,
grasp the skirt of obstinacy

by Forough Farrokhzad Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Fighting for right is wise step taken ever. Women should be recovered from all sufferings. They should get equal rights in society. This poem is very beautifully penned. We hear a complete story of awareness through wonderful expression in this poem...10
woman, take action because a world awaits and is in tune with you. Yes, it's high time, women, not only from Iran, but of the world need take the reins of their fate into theirs.Thanks poetess for such a brave inspirational poem. 10++++ for the sharing.
First, I would like to see the poets so featured in this category honored by having their poems carefully in-putted. I noted the missing period after the first stanza—oh well. But mane instead of man in the last. Then, it is not only Iranian women. But, ending with a positive, we men are women’s creations in more ways than one. -GK
Woman has suffered a lot over the ages in almost all the male dominated societies. But with the spread of education, knowledge and awareness in women things have started changing. They are ready to fight for their legitimate rights even at the cost of taking on the male chauvinists in the society. It was long overdue. never submit to tyranny.... For that person who is your creation, to enjoy preference and superiority is shameful; Tell him.... to bow his head henceforth at your threshold.
Let me quote a stanza from the poem 'Sleeping in a dark grave is happier for you than this abject servitude and misfortune; where is that proud man..? Tell him to bow his head henceforth at your threshold.' calling her friends not to feel weak and slavish. If required take up arms to fight for your rights. Very nice poem. Loved it.10+++
A true poem of strength in woman. No mealy mouth peer pleaser.. Full of purpose and direction.A wonderful read.Ten