Call To Battle

Poem By Max Reif

The day I was born,
phantoms took my balls hostage.
They also took half my brain.

In exchange, I received
membership in their family,

but what kind of family is that?
All my life I've settled for shit,
the only reward being
that I wasn't completely alone!

I'm tired of that now:
I'm looking for my sword.

I need both my balls
and all of my brain,

and You, God,
leading me to freedom
in slow and bleeding steps —

when I sever any knot
that binds me to the false —
let me hear You cheer!

Comments about Call To Battle

I love the most for such prayers that deals with the faith in God and besides it is really encouraging since you are optimistic about the company of your creator and who will lead you successfully to the war though not with weapons but with words and expressions. May the Creator be with you all the times and support you both the brain and the balls!
Hip Hip Hurray! Warrior Soul, Go Forth to Freedom. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
Great Max, and I relate...
A rousing cry to rally poem Max. I enjoyed this piece of your soul very much. Smiling ironic like! Tai

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