Call Upon The Oracle Of Your Intuition

Call upon the Oracle of your intuition,
Fall within the miracle of each experience unique.
Hear her sigh as her thighs quiver in an agony
Of the sweetest anticipation. Tragedy in her eyes,
Sunken Blue are the skies above the landscapes
Of her vision, she seeks fusion with the one.
Look upon the world as if you had no name
For all that confronts you in its entirety,
Look upon the world as if you were once again young,
As if you were once more imbued with childhoods innocence,
Know that an eternity explained lay within
The blades of dreamtime meadow glades.
Dazzling shadows abound race throughout the shades of
The forest wild, alone, there lay the child of sweet
Content, laughing away the hours,
Counting down for sunset, to admire the suns descent.
He knows this time, this place, he knows this age is ours.

by David Lacey

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