(23 October 1985-? / Tirana, Albania)

Call Us Women

All you men...
What lies in your fists?

In your eyes,
& Mind?

Your packs of gods
Offer drops of life,
& we women
Carry it,
Bake it
& endure it
Until it becomes
A seed of heaven,

Which we fed with our mouth,
Caressed with our blood,
& heard its bubbling songs
of life
Through our skin.

Your bellies,
Which lounge gods of Men,
Of changing passion
& rage,

Can never churn
The weight of a shell
Into a breathing being as powerful
As yourself.

It was bestowed upon us,
Because to be a man
Is to convey strenght,

But to be a woman,
Is to foster
& convey this and more
On a separate measure and ourselves,
& at times, on you.

So, call us women,
& remember who we are.

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Comments (4)

Masiela, powerful words and a stunning depiction of what it is to be a Woman, pregnant or otherwise. Great write! ! Brian
This is a lovely poem and expresses an astounding wisdom for one so young. I love women. You all are the cradle of life, and we do not deserve you.
For a first read Masiela, I am hooked. Brilliantly loud and clear. I hope many many men read and take heed. Welcome to PH, Tai
forthright write, Masiela! & i got a nice welcome when i came on, so welcome! Sus