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Call Waiting
FMF (Virgo / Born: UK, grew up: Africa, now living: Perth, Western Australia)

Call Waiting

I killed you!
I took away your power to insult.
Never again will your strident,
insistent beeping
intrude on intimacies between friends.

No.I struck you off.
I pressed the buttons that devoured you.
I ended your rein of terror.
Then Pauline rang
‘A new baby? Wond....'
Beep - Beep! Beep - Beep!

You didn't die!
From happy jubilation
brain switches,
buttons pressed,
retreating"Call me back."
I lost the war.

I don't blame Pauline.
Rudeness is forgiven under pressure
from the mighty"I wonder who it is? "
Someday I'll explain
and continue my campaign
for courtesy.
I died a little.

Aren't I important too?

Please NOTE: in retirement I have closed most of my web pages including francesmacaulayforde and poetscornerwa. Both of these pages have now been taken over by a bot. However, I have retained my Wordpress BLOG or my ETSY shop.

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