Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


I saw her shadow first,
that Sunday afternoon,
'twas luck the bus was late
there was no better sight
the length of Hennepin.
A man, looked like a gigolo
now grabbed her arm,
and fragments of loud words
came flying over shrapnel-like,
when sudenly he slapped her face
I did what needed to be done.
His shirt was cheap it seemed
it ripped as I used martial arts
admired by a crowd and....her,
the nurse was very kind later that day,
she told me that the pimp had,
within seconds summoned friends,
and that there had been ten.
My wallet later became evidence
in State against Georgina,
callgirl with a lot of friends.

This poem was written by Stefan Reitz
of St. Paul Minnesota.
I posted it under my name
to encourage him to post it at all.
I think he may not become a member.

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Comments (6)

I think this is wonderful....very much puts the reader there. I hope your friend does choose to become a member, I would be interested to read more from him. Sincerely, mary (What a nice friend you are Herbert!) :)
A strong statement of an experience.. well done Stefan. Keep writing. :) Angie
But our Stefan shouldn't let such venomous creatures, who are by far in the minority on this site, stand in his way of an audience who might help him better his poetic art. G.
Thank you, Gina. I met Stefan during my undergrad years in the Twin Cities and we had an absolute ball. He introduced me to McDonalds which were at the time 22 cents. I became addicted to Strawberry Shakes. He did not want to hear the ridicule after posting his poem and as you can see the first reaction was just that. I think it's JC writing under Pearson's name. I didn't think it was bad and told him so. Best H
This resonates with such nastiness and horror that I feel positively sickened...which makes it a strong piece of writing. It conveys so well the sordidness of this world, and makes a reader stop awhile to think on this. What's to stop you posting independently, Mr Reitz? Regards, Gina.
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