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WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)


Poem By Warren Augustus de Guzman

I called just now… just to say
Just to say… what I have to say
I hope you don’t think me rude
For calling at this time, for being such a prude
I need to do this, I really want to actually
But I find it hard to express verbally
I called… right… I already said that
But of course, you already know that
I called to ask, or to say… just to say
What I have, what I mean to say
So I say that I wanted to tell you this thing
This thing that you might be interested in
I wanted to ask your opinion on it
You know, your thoughts, just a bit.
I wanted to make sense at least
I’m not really right now, I sound like dead yeast
I’m sure you didn’t come to that conclusion
I think by now you believe I’ve had some sort of contusion
In my brain or in this space between my ears
Which is badly failing me now it appears
I called to say, to say what I have to say.
I li…. lighted you a candle on my way home yesterday.
I’ll call again, if you’d let me.
Tonight I’ll… just… let you be.

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Comments (2)

great poem.. keep up the good work x
I really enjoyed this Warren.........very sweet. I want to say.....you have such a great name! Seriously.......it's one of those name ya just want to repeat! Sincerely, Mary