Hypocrite Women

Poem By Denise Levertov



All these word I have heard before
I thought 'not me...'
He loves me too much
To walk out that door....

I WAS WRONG... terribly wrong...
I once was happy,
Now I'm dieing...
I am sick of all this lieing

I lay here thinking
Thinking and drinking
Drinking in the darkness
The darkness that surrounds my life

I yearn for color
As my life grows duller
In this black strife
I reach for a knife

I could end it all now
End all the strife
End my life
With this knife

I cut myself
As the black fades
Blood remains
My eyes see red

I wish I was dead
Oh how I wish I was dead
As all this runs through me head
I remember those words...



I say to myself, 'I should have listened'
but I didnt
I thought that my dream might come true
But all it was was a nightmare

My blue carpet is now crimson red
As I lie here wishing I was dead
I look at my floor and remember you
I look at my door and scream about you...

You haunt my dreams
As you call me into hell
But then I make up my mind
I will mourn you no more!

As I get up off my floor
I think of my life
Of my hell...
Oh well...

(Dedicated to CLL)

Comments about Hypocrite Women

and for all the pain i caused i am forever sorry and to this day i try to make it up to you. Im glad you have found the love you have been searching for, for our hearts where not meant for that dance that you yearned for. I love you my trinity and i wish you the best of life.

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