Calling A Beloved

Enjoy and shame plays at hide and seek
In the such eye of earth-haven
Golden light reflects at evening in
Such black bower
Such ruddy lips tremble slightly as wave
Who keeps tuber rose in her bun
Who does not sleep in moonlit night
Love voice of whom ever does not return
From stream of the Volga
Calling such beloved.
For such beloved
Two centuries will be passed at exile
In memory of whom
The ruins of Pompeii peep
Who will be more silent
By the silence of Diana’s statue
Who will be motionless
Hearing misfortune of the Oedipus
Who keeps the picture of
Galib Tolstoy Dikence in her heart
Calling such beloved.
For this beloved
Am I a social soldier
On the lips of whom
A precession of hungry plays
In the eye of whom
Cloth less poster of civilization
Is seen
The lady's finger of whom be agitated
By the cause of dumb
In passion of whom
Red flag comes often
In perception of whom
Long March revolts
Heart of whom
Gets motion hearing the history of revolution
Calling such beloved.

by Abul Khaer Ruhul Amin

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