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Isn’t it ironic
that the Eskimos have twenty six
words for snow:
kayi, tlapat, klin, talcringit
each describing what to me is such
a simple accumulation,
but tonight as I count
ceiling tiles, trying
to coax my eyes to close…
nootlin, sotla, ashtla, maxtla
to forget you…
naklin, tlamo, pactla, truyi
begging my breathing to lighten…
tlaying, tlaslo, jatla, striktla
pleading with sleep to visit this top bunk,
that I can’t think of one…
intla, shlim, penstla,
tlarin, motla, tla
to describe this feeling of () …
deeper than the well
in your basement we once threw pennies in,
then held our breath, listening…
katiyana, nyik, chachat, hootlin
for them to hit the bottom

we never heard it

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great poem agree with i do