Calling Old Farts To High Tea ~ (Rhyming Couplets)

One hundred eleven and not in heaven
Go where kilns can bake or leaven?

Me, thinks I hear a little bell
In a kind of just parallel

A southern welcoming grace
Jalapeño Tea-cakes …laced

Perhaps, calling all
With pale bits of Saul

Old farts to high tea
Washed down with rude litanies

And the current showings at the FU Theater
Thoughts of grace no longer on the meter

The horned one, not at all the wise
Thinks it is more important to chastise

Trashes un-guided lambs graces
But no matter, he ended up in one of those southern places...

Slippery Slope, Tennessee
May 22,2006

by Debora Short

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This is great. I like the pace of it and it flows well. A lot of people are sniffy about rhyme. Not me, I like it when it is skillfully applied as it is here. There is something rather English (almost Betjamin) about this and yet the theme is a million miles away from England. I find that a great deal of thought needs to go into a poem that is divided into couplets. this works really well.