Raining Ouside – Survival Weather

It’s raining ouside – survival weather, saving our lives
but overcast weather makes me feel bad, I need the
sun to feel better; whenever I am down I go outside
and lie in the sun, when it’s rainy like now, there’s
no hope, all falls apart, the negative side of my mind
turns up, and I can’t change it into happy and content
regardless of what I do, say or eat – the only thing that
helps is sunshine, but rainy weather bringing the
water we need, is necessary – so I have to keep my
sadness inside while applauding the good effects
of rain in our lives…

by Margaret Alice

Comments (1)

This is great. I like the pace of it and it flows well. A lot of people are sniffy about rhyme. Not me, I like it when it is skillfully applied as it is here. There is something rather English (almost Betjamin) about this and yet the theme is a million miles away from England. I find that a great deal of thought needs to go into a poem that is divided into couplets. this works really well.