MO (1973 / England)


Singing dancing salsa
Speaking other tongues
Meeting greeting knowing you
Now know the name of fun
It’s a rhythm it’s a beat
It’s a heat you give when I’m beaten
Never weaken hear me sing in tunes of crazy pattern

Singing dancing losing blues
Loving sharing news and views
My happy place is in your face
A winning warming smile embrace

Some call it love come from above
Some call it inspiration
Some call it genius call it clever
Call it perspiration

Some call it in the morning
Call it in the night
Some call it softly
Call it loud
Call out with all their might
No sense at all to make the call
If voice has disappeared

But I remember months ago
The time when I most feared

Like little babe scooped up to dance
Two arms reached right around me
Strong creature holding on himself
Said give this life a chance

by maggie oke

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