All The World's A Stage

She was brought into this world of a stage,
People in her life are the characters of her play;
The characters come into and out of her life,
Her life changes every second,
She started as a little baby, a wish come true,
She got older and started her education,
Mother thought her a beautiful child,
Oh how she hated school, until the hormones came ‘round,
Writing of the drama in her diary that would break her heart,
The man she married loved her so, but he had to leave,
Told her of hardships and sent her pictures of his time,
Quick to bring the family honor- they both worked hard,
She tried hard, but not always successful,
He came home for a while and left her pregnant,
But sent her heart warming news,
She is now alone, despite what inhabits her womb,
Full of experience turning her wise as an owl;
As she continues her part as a character in her own play,
He has come home to support her and the child,
As the three of them grow- they all become older;
Her youth was fun
Her hair like snow and voice not the same,
Turning again toward the voice of a child,
An airy tone to her gentle voice. The last scene of all,
That ends this long life, her shifting history,
The longest sleep of her life,
Darkness- sans stage, lost dialogue- sans speech, no clapping-
But my daughter will never leave her loving entourage.

by Gabriella GabbyRo

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I'm not rotting next to him He stole two of my chicken's.. iip.. James
Fruit of the fear! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Great poem by a great poet. Rich with strong words it gives a magical feeling.10+++
An excellent write. The feelings we mortals feel is aptly described the calm after the storm.
A great write of excellence. 10+++
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