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Calm Before The Storm
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Calm Before The Storm

I cherish a clear day free of storms
And the radiance around me in everyway,
But I will always hold in fond memory
The serenity of a balmy summer day.

The sky is full of dreamy, white clouds
That quietly seem to drift across the blue.
The sun's bright rays bombard the landscape,
Creating a picturesque environment to view.

Then one day leaves rustled in the breeze
Sensing that a storm was about to brew.
Though filled with disappointment and anxiety
I faced the reality of the storm anew.

Dark clouds appeared on the horizon
That moved across the sky so blue,
Obstructing the rays of the golden sun
On all of the succulent highlands too.

The trees swayed in the intense wind
Against a dismal and weeping sky.
Lightning cracked and thunders rumbled
As the ferocious storm went ravaging by -
Ending the serenity of this summer day.

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