Calm Of The Sea

the whole day
the coconut leaves rustle
and punctuate
our tete a tete
allowing us to savour
the fineness of the tropics
the warm wind
titilates our senses
in way only humans
could know
the whole day
by the beach
the waves roar
leaping against the pier
a little sampan
bobs up and down
the sound of a
young couple on love bed
an enclosed
insect circling
a case looking for
the crevice of freedom
the sea crushes on and on
in the waves
i seek a calm
my worries trail its sound
emptied as the bubbles
burst into nothing
the sea of desires
that tugs at my heart
i submerge in the vast morass of water
left on the sand
pensive footsteps
lead me to my thoughts of Buddha
his walk to enlightenment
away from the ceaseless
waves of wants
that pound against
the human heart day after day
in these footsteps
i find zen
a calm in the frenzy of waves and wind
where the sea
remains so serene
it reflects the peace
of all around

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (2)

rich mood of seashore...especially in seeking 'nirvana'...has anyone ever been to the ocean and not thought at least for a moment of mortality. great piece. -Tailor
I understand, having grown up near the sea... There is no place like it on earth on a quiet day, whatever the weather. Nirvana is right. Thanks for this.