Calvary's Tree

Oh little tree tender and young
In the forest your life had begun
You drank the sunlight and the dew
And as time passed by you slowly grew
Until one dark day the soldiers came
You life no longer was the same
They took sharp metal and cut you down
And dragged a part of you on the ground
The stump they left by God's grace healed
And new life was soon revealed

But the other part that was dragged away
Was used as torture on a Man one day
He carried it through the city street
On His back with welts so deep
Blood flowed down from the crown of thorns
Such a Man, despised, forlorn
Some wailed and lamented while others mocked
'A crucification' the people hurried and flocked

The crowd then followed to Calvary
The Man, two thieves and a humble tree
At Calvary, the place of a skull
The power of sin has been annulled
Because the blood flowed down as the nails went in
On the tree with the Man who had no sin
The sun was darkened and the earth did quake
As the Man gave up the ghost the tree did shake
The Man was taken to a borrowed grave
And rose victorious on the third day!

What happened to that part of the tree
That was carried by Christ Jesus to Calvary
We do not know nor can we guess
Because God uses the simple things nevertheless!

by Theresa Quinn

Comments (2)

Ah I love this! It is quite a wonderful depiction of the connection between us all, along with the natural world. Beautifully written with vivid imagery. :)
This is very good. I like the different angle on the event, that of the tree itself. Thought-provoking piece. Well done.