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Calypso's Longing

L Longing to capture you. Inside Me. Pouring your manhood into my eternity.

O Oceans of turbulent emotions swelling up upon my shores.

N Native creeks, plunging rivers rushing to engulf your sanity.

G Grasping at your Achilles’ tendon, hoping to find some cure.

I Inspired by your burnt, sun-drenched skin moistened in my femininity.

N Nosily suckling your buoyant strength through seeps in my core -

G Gallantly rescuing my stalked heart - inside the fort - poised for the next Victory!

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CALYPSO'S LONGING Whew! Excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my upper lip and stop panting. I need to take a deep breath. “Longing to capture you. Inside Me? ” “Ooooh, ” I moan, imagining “swelling up”, “my manhood pouring.” How long will it last? “Into my eternity.” My goodness! You have made erotic poetry powerfully sensual, elegant and beautiful!
G - ood writing! R - eally worht reading! E - xcellent! A - lways leaving me wanting more! T - reat for my day! A pleasure, for sure!