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Came And Gone

To all my friends which have come and gone
I would like to tell them all so long, so long
Someday though we will meet once again
But, of that day and time, only GOD knows when,
You my friends, will never be forgot
To ever think my memory would vacate you; think not,
But, until that day we must be patient and strong
So until that time arrives, to my friends I will say so long.

In one day we are born and in one day we will die
One day we say, “hello” and in one day we say, “goodbye”,
In one day we are saved and in one day we wed
One day we are alive, and then one day we are dead

I promise you this, we will get together once again
Whether it’s in the world of angels or in the land of men,
But, not knowing that time or place that we must meet
Whether in a bar or a church or passing each other on the street,
All that I can say is when and where I just do not know
But, until then I have stories and memories to sow,
Pressing times and issues in front of me now are greater,
So, I think it would be best if I would say, I will see you later.

Randy L. McClave

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