Camera Shy

it almost happened today
i got so carried away
i thought i scared you off
i thought those doors were locked

i was prepared to kick 'em down
i have no fear when you're around
i almost fell off the edge
i almost got out of bed

there is no hope for you and me
and tomorrow could be
the last time i take the wheel
im not sure how you feel

i know i'm falling too fast
and you can see right past
the stupid lies i've told
while the truth unfolds

and if you only see me
as someone who could be
another game to be played
i better walk away.

you're not who you've been
and my head still spins
everytime i see you
i wish that wasn't true.

and i feel the marker lines
making out a big sign
right on my forehead
why don't you get it yet?

by Desiree Whitamore

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nice poem, many people who fear the camera can relate to this poem