He To It

The murder weapon
turned the steer's body
from he to it
as before a knife
had turned his
from a bull
to a steer

Before he'd been
frequently pierced
with needles,
ear tagged with
an industrial staple gun,
and in some cases
branded with a hot iron.

http: //www.animalsaustralia-media.org/upload/photos/indonesian-live-export-investigation/

by Saiom Shriver

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i love this poem so much
Is it that art has begun to make him sick? or just Greek art?
Seems well-structured. I need some background knowledge though :)
With Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, wonderful Oscar Wilde was in the pantheon of great poets of the 20th century, there are no others, just lots of pretenders.
I adore the first two lines as i believe he is suggesting the form he lays eyes on was made by some attic hand (god) and he compares the form to the greek gods....antique limbed and stern? (he questions) ... interesting, i think maybe the silence after an argument....it seems he then toys with the idea of fun and amusement but by the end (to me) it seems he is just resigned and lost interest in the shallowest forms and places....... the world thine actium (final battle) and me thine anthony (defeated) suggesting he knew he was always going to adore the subject no matter what his sense told him......this is so real and contemporary... plz note this is just my perception and first reaction....tyvm karen
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