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Camo Scare

And so our souls were lifted
The warm progress under the sky
Continues with a decent revenge
Over nothing we set foo into agony
This isn't anything more than a plead
Fro help will not show its true form
Until we have seen our own stupidity
For only then, will this only, and
Forever shall be eternal life
Under the same confussion
Like a human ready to drift out
Onto a vast sea of dinial but till then,
We await for another sub zero question that will
Never be cracked open, unless
The bowls that sink inot our open
Minds can no longer feel anything
However the sun will always have a darker side
Tot he unknown passage through life's undisired questions
Why do we risk the wanted lives
Of those loved ones we tend to forget about
The soliders and Sailors that make every bloody
Risk that we are too cowardly to face
Is there an end to our insanity?

by Brittany McLean

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