Camouflage Me

Enthralled by programmes on aquatic life -
sun fish swim upside down when they wish,
camouflaged rock-fish precision-jump thus
devour prey at lightning speed; you will not
stop to listen to my aquatic praise-song

Your Holy Grail quest is fixing and currently
the lawn has your attention - while I stare at
aggressive rock crabs, elephant fish & coral
reefs called ‘rainforest of the ocean deep' &
island chains covered with breeding polyps

A whale is a swimming compass travelling
with accuracy, seeing salmon carried up-
ward by spiralling air currents to conquer
waterfalls, macaw apes eating sea-weed,
the colourful mantis shrimp with great

Ultra-violet light eye-sight; the variety of life
astounding - like the flashy Spanish Dancer
sea slug; my torn-ligament foot in the heavy
Moon Boot forgotten in brilliant camouflage
explained by the Chladni vibrations within

The environment shaping the colours and
patterns of plants & animals, here's hoping
that my vibrating world will camouflage me
as Pea-Blossom with wings to fly outside &
experience nature's enchantment myself

[19 October 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

Comments (3)

vibrant expression of an amazing observation of beauty. A pleasure to read
Cool, so you are up there playing but the inner anger IS
very good poem, I like it, thanks.