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Once again it is that time of the year
When mother nature begins to disappear,
The leaves in the trees they all are changing
As nature once again starts her rearranging,
Fallen leaves are now in the people's yards
But, then I noticed the oversized playing cards;
But, to my error they are not cards, but political signs
Then I quickly read between all the lines.
The politicians say they need and would appreciate my vote
According to their signs what is pictured and what they wrote,
The signs were strategically placed at the homes of the fortunate
I wonder if the politicians cared if they were thieves or an abortionist,
The signs remind me of a school's popularity contest
Where the wealthy are the ones that are always blessed,
Some signs that I see are also at the places of a business
I wonder if the owners are hoping to attract more customer's visits.
Up and down the streets I now see these signs they are everywhere
In the yards and on cars and trucks at them I can't help, but stare,
A pretty penny the politicians pay to get someone's vote
The politicians with the most signs won't get mine; that I quote!
Campaigning season has arrived and signs are placed on supporter's lawns
Each one that I see, it quickly awakens their pros and cons,
Just think! Do us the voters these politicians truly remember;
Or do they just recall us, in the months of September unto November.

Randy L. McClave

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