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Campbell The Swaggy

Under the lower branches of the tall trees just after sundown
Campbell nods off to sleep in the park of the town
The man who has lived rough and walked many a mile
But he always seems happy and at life does smile

He has walked the long roads of the brown countryside
Campbell The Swaggy is known far and wide
In Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia music festivals he does attend
A well traveled man who has made many a friend

With long scraggly beard and long graying straggly hair
And face wrinkled and dry from life in the open air
One of the last of a dying breed of him one might say
Not many like Campbell in the World of today

A poet and a traveler one loved and widely known
And at reciting bush poetry in a class of his own
He sleeps on his swag under the open sky
The gentle soul Campbell would not harm a fly.

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