Poem Hunter
Campbells Block
(25 May 1828 – 31 March 1906 / Forres, Scotland)

Campbells Block

You may look but look in vain
For stores with such immense pane ;
All other shops they do surpass
With their enormous lights of glass.

One night by chance through them we gazed
But we did quickly stand amazed ;
Three moons they did beauteous glow,
And gleams so lovely they did throw.

But a still more wond'rous story
Mid day showed three suns in glory ;
At the sight we scarce could gaze,
So full of brilliancy the rays.

We had to curtain off the glory ;
If you don't believe this wondrous story
Ask Editon of the Tribune
About this tale of sun and moon.

Which did bewilder McIntyre
Gazing on mighty orbs of fire ;
Eclipsing the electric light
So brilliant in their glorious might.

Luminaries no more invade,
Excluded now by window shade ;
Pray think that this if no intrusion
This tale of optical illusion.

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