Camphored Away

Camphored away
My ephemeral existence
And physical presence
From your world
Of ignorant pretence

Archipelago of
Human race
Far left behind.
As a lone island
Drifting away
I Leave no trace

Strong ocean currents
Not to be blamed
It's the draft of wind
That helped me
With this exit
The daily grind
So happy
to get rid

No more humans
To venture my way
Wilderness of nature
And migratory birds
Will come here to stay

Lost and forgotten
Like a bad dream
Your memory
to be washed off
With the rushing streams.

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

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Aloha Nalini... so very personal... nothing like the sea, wind, and wing... to absolve one's experience of reality in a relationship... and what better that sudden death... your words this post do bring in the more humane side of personal consideration... How does the adage go? Sticks and stones... but words... do surely smite thee! My adlib... Nice work and great context... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two