AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

Camping Sundae

We come together
To spend some time in all weather
Each with different contributes
Our individual attributes
That make each spoonful
Another disaster never to be dull
Of all the moments that were bad
It only added more toppings to be had.

The Sundae grew and grew
With each thing we knew
Hot chocolate that came spilling out
The caramel that led us to never doubt
That the worst has past
The strawberry toppings that ensured a blast
The nuts that were thrown on in spite of the ever full
Overflowing bowl that I'm sure you'll
Not want any

And as if we didn't have plenty...
The police pulled us over to give us
whipped cream and a cherry on top!
And so we ask... will this ever stop?
But remember... God is pretty clever...
And whenever you think you have enough
He'll make sure you have some marshmallow fluff!
Oh! and some sprinkles too!
Boy oh boy, how this Sundae grew...

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