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Can Come Atahuge Cost

Jobs created that cause damage to the natural environment can come at a huge cost
And it's negative impact on the future of humanity ought not to be lost
Human abuse due to greed on our Earth Mother is out of control
And on our very existence as a species of Nature may well take it's toll
What we do to our Earth Mother to our own selves we do
This includes everybody and everybody includes me and you
Since Mother Earth is the one who does feed us all
And any offense against her is never small
The beauty our Earth Mother create is for all to enjoy
A beauty that some greedy humans for financial gain does see fit to destroy
Jobs at the expense of the natural environment can come at a huge price
And there is little in this for one for to rejoice
On our very survival on her we depend
Though many of us our Earth Mother does not treat as a friend.

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