One More Kiss

Suicide, suicide what kind of deed is this?
Going away perminatley without leaving a kiss.

I desperatley need to see you once more.
What were you doing trying to even the score?

I'm so very sorry for what ever I did,
It's not fair to leave me with your baby and kid.

Through all the fights we have ever had,
I would never dream, of leaving you a single dad.

Oh, what pain I must go through,
raising our kids when there should have been two.

I can never forgive you, though I must try.
It's hard to keep going when the kids both cry.

My tears have turned into encouraging drops,
one for each child, till their crying stops.

Oh, Dear God, what have I done?
I hear my wifes prayers, I'll be a penitent one!

I can't leave her in a mess like this,
Please God, please, just one more kiss?

by Keith Foley

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