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Can Ever Hope To Do

Money speaks every language it does seem this way
And is seen as most important in the Human World of today
Few do wish to know of the financially down
The homeless and hungry of the poor side of the town

Most of the material wealth of the World owned by the privileged few
And this is not saying anything that is new
The gap between the wealthy and the poor keeps on ever growing wide
And so many of a fair go in life are denied

To our Earth Mother on whom for our survival we depend
Many of us to her have not been a good friend
All life forms including us humans she does feed
Yet some steal from her and abuse her for to satiate their greed

Yet it is not your wealth or the size of your home or your car
That tells us of the person that you really are
It is your respect for others and the respect to the Earth that feeds us you does show
If you are lacking in these of you I do not wish to know

If to your higher self you cannot live as true
By paying to all others the respect they are due
Despite your great wealth you are not a good person at all
And in your mind you are one who is quite small

With money speaks every language I am sure most would agree
This is how it is and suppose it always will be
But how you treat others and the Earth we live on says more about you
Than money and material wealth can ever hope to do.

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