Can Forgiveness Be The Answer?

To forgive someone is alot easier than you think.
To say I am sorry is even easier.
Can forgiveness be the answer?
Yes it can be..just do it.
Your shoulder's will feel a lot lighter, your heart a lot softer, you notice the tears melt the ice around your heart when you forgive.
You thought you were made of stone.
So yes, forgiveness can be the answer.
Many a pain is eased after forgiveness; many a stomach tied in knots is relaxed after forgiveness.
Can forgiveness be the answer?
I would have to say yes; and maybe you will find peace in your choice of forgiving.
I have had to forgive and I have had to be forgiven.
Go ahead and forgive..make peace with someone and most of all yourself..
It is the answer.

by teri bronte

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