Can I?

Your weight on me,
Your fingers scratching me,
How can this beautiful passion really be?
My body quivers,
Yours instantly shivers,
I want you to stay with me.

Our lips touch,
Our tounges tangle,
This is what i crave
Your closeness,
Our love,
I look at your face staring from above.
Why does it have to end?

I feel your breath on my neck,
Your warmth against my back.
You whisper 'I love you'
I whisper 'i do too'

Then the night slips away like so many others in the past,
I want to stay here with you,
Into sleep we would fall fast.
I just wish this night could last!
For all eternity I would rest here with you,
Untill death would rip us in two.

In my mind I have a last wish,
The completion of my life to finish.
I need you here,
To feel you near.
Can I just call you mine?

by Monica Lynn Mason

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