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Can I
AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Can I

soulful endearments

Can I touch just where you hurt?
With words that spread as balm
The kind that soothe and seal within
Deep scars so healed and calm

Can I speak the words you wish?
To hear my ardent feel
With rapt attention hold the truth
That spins to make you reel

Can I write those notes to sing?
That duet gently sung
So etched in minute memory
That tune so often rung

Can I read the lines on brow?
Some worry stings so new
Speak it out, just share your thought
Erase it while it's blue

Can I sing that song we know?
Of wishing through the best
I know for all we'd do that well
In future and in zest

Can I dream that wishful thought?
In being close in love
As angels bless their spirits felt
So bright and seen above

Can I send my thoughts on wings?
To lessen pain in you
If I so pray to take them on
My wishes so be true

Can I run this sprint of life?
With pure joy in my heart
If you will send your truest best
It's success from the start

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
If I could.... I would..... touch you..... with my words

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Comments (2)

well, you touch every where...more than with your words how nice how sweet a poem, romantic hornest and fresh in love! ...10
With pure joy in my heart. nice poet