Can I Be Your Freak?

Can I lick a sweet whipped topping from your crevice slow, and I mean excavating your entire crevice hole,

it might feel weird at first but just lay back, don't be afraid, it may feel like you have to pee, that means I could get sprayed,

with juices of arrival I don't mind it not a bit, in fact if you don't squirt then I don't mind if hotness drips,

or oozes aint no losers in the plans I seek to meet, so let me ask you one thing baby, can I be your freak?

You see I surely wonder if I may can fill the role, of shooting guard on any given night I'd fill your hole,

with 3-point shots and alley oops but I don't dish assists, I'd grab the board and stuff it home when dishing you the stick.

The candles burn for hours to the plate the wax is soft, no need for any dressing but your salad I will toss,

if what I'm saying bothers you then tell me to get lost, cause otherwise the only thing I'm gettin you is off I'm askin

can I just arrive in you? We'll watch it leaking out, no shame's my claim to fame your man will kneel and eat it out,

then tongue you down cause honestly I just can't get enough, there's no part of your body that my mouth won't lick or stuff.

My word to you is bond that's straight one hundred guaranteed, I know just what you need cause darlin I'm that man indeed,

so think and answer truthfully don't dance around for weeks, I gotta know so tell me baby, can I, be your freak?

by James Lewis

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