(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

Can I Die Now?

Hello World,
When I come crashing down,
You don't change,
You move on anyway.
So what's the point of caring?

Hello World,
When I slam my body on your land,
Your surface remains strong,
You stand proud but wrong.
So what's the use of preventing?

And since,
I've no effects on
Your stubborn mind,
And since,
I don't influence
Your shallow movement;

Can I die now?

by Lara W.A

Comments (3)

very peculiar writes..........of uncertainties.........but........don't u die now baibeh......
Well written. There is a purpose for you here. Nothing is without purpose or reason. We still need you. Well done.
very well written and very melancholy...i love it and it reminds me of some of my pieces too regards- Dana