Can I Get This Dance?

You wanna dance with me?
come on,
lets do it
Been dancing all night
where you from,
Do you come here often?
I'm shakin my stuff
give you a smile here and there
can handle these moves
I know I'm looking good!
on the dance floor
everyone looks good if they,
got all the right moves
practiced these steps
many times before
right now, Ithis is my song
I'm into this groove
shakin, my stuff
moving up and down
booty cheek
moving so quick
you just stop to look at me
are you admiring me
is it like that or something else,
I could give you another dance
are you glad you met me?
The music stops.
you look at me
I stand still
wondering if we will dance again
I'm alittle thirsty, you know,
Then you say,
Oh, thanks for the dance
and you walk away

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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this is my like my entire life story 0_o I really love it, it's awesome, and so so so so true. It reminds me of my partner more, actually ^_^ peace, sarah