Can I Have You For Keeps?

Honey, I’m missing you tonight
What are you doing right now?
Are you sleeping already?
Or half awake thinking of me?

I can’t sleep thinking of you
Excited to receive a message from you
I just look at the stars above
Wishing I can be your star tonight

I want to be with you
Hoping to be close to you
Be the air that you breathe
And be the breeze that touching your lips

How I wish I can have you for keeps…

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

Comments (2)

If this one is a kin to the first one. I hope she knows this has more lust than love attached to it. Again, well expressed. GW62
The sweet longingness of the heart, it screams through the piece...beautiful poem. Hope to see you on my vacation Darlyn, your place is close to my heart. a 10.