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~* Can I Love Again?

I speak of marriage...
To me...
Marriage is so much more.

Two hearts willing to be linked forever..
A bond never ending..
The connection strong now, and ever.
To me.. Love is privilege..

I see in her eyes beauty, but do I deserve such thing?
Her heart filled with hope and joy, For I, cant even think of a happy thought..
Am I worthy?

Cut my heart open, just to see what I'm all about.
Those scars will never heal..
Am I to make her deal? ?

MY insecurities, make her confused..
She said... Some times.. it doesnt even seem like you mean you love me...
and I smile... cuz I want her to know.. to be reassured that I, Truly, Deeply, ABSOLUTELY.. am in love with her...

But who am I?
to put her through hell... when its me with the problem...

Am I just not ready for love? again......

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