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Can It Be Wrong?
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Can It Be Wrong?

Can it be wrong

A shaft of sunlight through the trees
plays on the surface of a pool.
Unruffled by the slightest breeze.
Presents a scene both green and cool.
A quiet place to sit and dream
and while a pleasant hour away.
Just musing on some far fetched scheme
of what you might do one fine day.
The stillness calms your restless mind.
You feel all tensions drain away
forget the world you left behind.
Although you know you cannot stay
beside the pool within the wood.
Can it be wrong to wish you could?

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Comments (2)

Naa, it can't be wrong to wish you could, i know it's not wrong, because - i would! ! Lovely read Ivor! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad
Hi Ivor. It can never be wrong to wish you could. I often wish this myself. well done a great read thankyou. Regards Dave T. ***10***