TH (5-24-83 / MO)

Can Never

How could you walk away from my side
how could say its not worth a try
how could not care when i cry
did it even matter when i felt i wanted to die

losing and wining in life
is not a game
tho it might feel it
they are not the same

in love
it never seems to go right
you fight in the battle
and lose the war at night

hard to say if anything did matter
she left with no concern
no remorce
the one i loved went up in flames and burned

nights we lay in bed and look at each other
saying nothing else matters
its noone concern
but soon after you lite the match
and watched me burn

played with my head till you got what you need
threw away how i cared
only thought of yourself
as you walked away

you lose yourself
and fall to pieces
you just want the pain to end
but never seems to go away

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