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Can Only Speak The Truth

For the man who does call a spade a spade
There will never be in his lifetime a street parade
And in his community he does not have one true friend
But on telling of the truth on him you can depend

His problem is he can only speak the truth
And for this people look on him as lacking in discretion and ruth
But true to himself in his own way and nothing in him underhand
And at least with his sort of person you always know where you stand

They never become popular those who speak what they think
And behind anybody's back his sort never does wink
Though many see him as lacking in compassion and without charm and grace
If he has any negative thing to say of you he will say it to your face

The truth when spoken can come at a cost
And due to the truth many friendships are lost
Those who do tell you that honesty pay
Are not being very honest on what they do say

No popularity and local renown
For one of the truthful people of the town
That the truth can be hurtful is obviously clear
Since mostly people find it unpleasant to hear.

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Wise and interesting words. As children we are taught to teach the truth. In later years it can become a concern. I have spoken the truth too many times and yes I have lost but at the same time I hold my head high.