SP (9th December 1987 / London, England)

Can'T A Guy Dream

I want to taste paradise,
In a hundred milligram pill.
I want a deluxe kitchen,
With a built in deep fryer and grill.

I want a sports car,
With fifteen thousand horse power.
I want my own castle,
Along with the princess in the tower.

I want a perfect body,
That comes with a six-pack of abs.
I want to dine with no reservation,
That comes with a year’s supply of crabs.

I want to win the lottery,
Twice over with the same ticket.
I want to serve my country,
By playing Australia at cricket.

I want to be happy,
With a trophy girl on each arm.
I want to romance the nation,
With my irresistible full on charm.

I want a seat at Wimbledon,
With strawberries and cream.
Doesn’t sound likely does it?
Ah well, can’t a guy dream.

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