Can'T Do It Anymore

Being a people pleaser
that's what I do
but now that is gone
since I became unglued

Is it really selfish
to be happy
or should my family be happy
and me feel crappy

This pain that I feel
it keeps going on
and I am drifting away
not able to go on

My last strand of hope
is being split even more
when my protection
when out the door

My grandma and me
got into a fight
because she thinks
everything she does is right

she made me feel shitty
more than I have
I wanted to honestly die
than be this sad

My mind drifted
and I wanted the pain to end
and I thought about cutting
a razor into my skin.

I can't do it anymore
and I know it is true
that my life sucks
and I want to trade places with you

But that last strand of hope
is still hanging here
and I will still fight
with everything I hold dear

by shelbie bozeman

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