Your Darkness Is My Light

Her eyes were like the dark night sky,
Lifeless yet it had a sparkle inside.

Her heart was like a crescent moon hidden deep in space,
Among the supernova so beautifully in place.

Her mind is something no one has ever seen,
Permanently closed as its always been.

One day I hope you'll be as happy as you seem, because I see through that smile, I see how you're pretending to be.

by Azeez Rylands

Comments (2)

jeesum. hang in there. this was so beautiful, i wanted to reach through the computer screen and share a cigarette with you even though i don't smoke those, just so you wouldn't have to feel alone. the taste and style of this poem is a peice of art.
You must be joking, because this poem is good enough to have melted my heart right out of my chest. It's eloquent, and twisted and tangible, all your poetry is. I It's beautiful, and my hand is out for it. Xs and Os