SC (September 18,1989 / Middleton)

Can`t Forget You

Even after a month of being apart,
Everytime I`m alone,
All I can think about is you.
It doesn`t help that I see you at school.
At first, when we first were over,
You at least said hi to me,
We still hung out together.
But now, you completely ignore me.
I know it`s my fault I feel like this
Because I`m the one that`s letting it bother me.
I wish I could forget you
And move on with my life
But that is easier said than done.
I want to get over you
So that I could stop annoying my friends
By always talking about you
And feeling sorry for myself
I want to, need to get over you!

Written Jan.10,2005.

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love when rocked up by the silence shadow still walks of the gleams of love...............yet the painful by feeling and poignat by the reeks, excellent composition, wellpenned,10+, thanks for sharing