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Can'T Go Any Further
CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)

Can'T Go Any Further

Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

Tell me please
That everything will be like how it is
Please convince me that there’s nothing wrong
Coz baby you know I’m not that strong

Though I’m good at pretending
You always seem to know when I’m just faking
God, how can you know me that well
When there’s nothing I tell

Sometimes I do wonder
If you could be my lover
Though I know you love me like a sister
Especially when you said I could call you brother

But sometimes when you look at me
You gave me this smile that’s kinda funny
Then you start to act like you do like me
And make me feel like you want to be with me

Suddenly you tend to move away
Though I know you wanted to stay
But we both know you got to do so
Before our feelings would grow

And when we finally parted
I was really broken hearted
Coz I know we both love each other
But the thing is, we can’t go any further

.: shixia

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