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Can'T Handle The Truth
VH (01/October/1984 / Widnes, Cheshire)

Can'T Handle The Truth

Don't ask for my opinion
Unless you want the truth.
Don't ask me to lie to you,
I'll only give you the proof
That I don't do it.

Don't get bitchy with me
Just because I pointed out some truths.
Don't review me in a fit of anger
Because I was honest with you.

Don't read this and think:
'Oh this is so shit'
Just because I'm telling you
In poetic form, what I think.

Don't just think that I'm a gavel hunter
Or in persuit of stars.
I know when I have made a good attempt
And when others are not up to their best, by far.

I know, because I know you.
I have read and reviewed you before.
Just for one bad review you think you can
Trample me down and leave the floor.

Oh no, I don't think so
Don't underestimate me,
If you want pure and simple honesty
Then get in touch, and we'll see.

(C) Victoria Elizabeth Hughes September 2005

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Langston Hughes


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Sounds fair enough... R.